What physical therapy methods do therapists adopt to give relief?

What physical therapy methods do therapists adopt to give relief?

Physical therapy is the best way to get relief from neck pain or different body aches. Professionals adopt different physical therapy methods to help patients get rid of the symptoms.

They use traditional exercises to modalities.

Thus, therapists use the right approach to provide patient satisfaction and comfy feeling.

Doctors are practicing different methods to help patients to get relief. A few of the physical therapy methods are given below.

Let’s have a glance over it so in case if you find any muscular or joint pain, you take particular therapy to alleviate the symptoms.


Human leg osteoarthritis inflammation of bone joints


Therapeutic exercises

It is said that therapeutic exercise is the core element of physical therapy. One may also say physical therapists consider it as the bread and butter. It is the best solution for subacute and chronic orthopedic conditions.

This is good for the muscles, connective tissues, or joints pushed beyond their original points or torn out or broken. No medication work in such a case. Thus regular exercise or motion in a particular direction helps in healing.

Physical therapists adopt the strengthening exercises techniques to relieve the symptoms. These exercises are challenging to stimulate recovery but do not create any harm to the body.


Education of patients

One method that PT uses to help the patient to come out of the condition is their education. Patients spend few hours for therapy, but they need continuous therapy.

Therefore, to give the long-term solution for underlying conditions, doctors educate the patients. For example, they give training for different movement patterns, postural correction, gait training, and ADLs instructions for arthritis patients and athletes;

the physical therapist also recommends body adjustments to improve the functionality of the torn muscles.


Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a useful physical therapy method for musculoskeletal conditions. It offers relief to patients with chronic pain and acute injuries. Moreover, this therapy is cost-effective as patients can do sessions at home by themselves also.

Furthermore, the therapist moves the hand to mobilize the tissue to lessen the pain, increase motion and decrease the inflammation. Usually, such therapy is applied for manipulations, stretches, and joint mobilization. These are important for patients to get ready for exercise.


Soft tissue mobilization

One more technique that physical therapists use is soft tissue mobilization. It involves the massage or such phenomenon to release adhesions, relax muscles, and reduce scar tissues.

STM or instrument methods are popular for athletes. Through this technique, the therapist applies extra force to relax the stiff muscles. Moreover, the technique is best for the muscles or contractures when mobility is very less. This helps the patient to start moving again.


Ice and heat method

Either patient suffering from low back pain, arthritis, or acute inflammation, the ice and heat method works efficiently—this help addresses different conditions and helps patients get relief.

Heat exposure reduces the pain, increases tissue mobility before exercise, and cold treatment reduces inflammation and pain after exercise.


Electrical stimulation

When a patient suffers from traumatic injury or muscular damage electrical stimulation technique is used. E-stim is a great way to give patients comfort. It is used to contract muscles that are non-functional or very weak. This is the ideal solution to heal stubborn wounds as well.

To apply this method, PT exposes the area of the body to be treated to electrodes. These are connected with the e-stim machine. The patient may feel some tingling feeling. The PT increases the sensation that is strong but comfortable.

When e stim is used to relieve the pain, the patient relaxes during treatment time. In contrast, if therapy improves muscular strength, then there is a need to contract the muscles.


Light therapy

One of the latest techniques that are now widely used for physical therapy purposes is the LED method. It reduces pain and inflammation and is ideal for healing processes in wounds and injuries related to connective tissues.

It offers excellent value to patients and is useful as monotherapy and an alternative to exercising.


Final verdict

Although all methods discussed above are functional and physical therapists, adopt the one according to the patient’s condition and budget.

There is a need for patients to get satisfaction so the PT can use different methods to help patients get relief. Moreover, doctors apply the technique in which he is proficient. Not all doctors practice all methods. Rather they are efficient in one or two.

Therefore, when patients come to the wellness center doctor first guides them about the method he uses, its pros and cons, and time to get relief. Patient education is essential to help them to achieve satisfactory results.

For example, if someone suffers from joint or any muscular pain, he must be aware of the method he wants to use for taking therapy before taking therapy. It is essential to get positive outcomes.


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